Lakeside Energy - Chicago, IL

Lakeside Energy

Lakeside Energy LLC, based in Chicagoland, is active in acquiring, developing, financing, owning and operating energy companies and assets located in North America.  

Lakeside Energy takes a hands-on approach to assessing investment opportunities, conducting diligence and managing our companies and assets.  The firm prides itself on an active management approach which leverages the management team’s extensive background and experience to create additional value through the identification and implementation of operational, financial and commercial improvements.    The broad expertise of the Lakeside team allows the firm to conduct the majority of its due diligence in-house, thus simplifying and expediting the acquisition and development process.

Lakeside Energy is backed by American Securities which has committed significant capital to support the firm’s growth objectives.  Founded in 1947, American Securities has raised more than $8 billion of limited partner commitments for private equity investment in middle-market companies.